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University of Louisville Tailgate


This ACC tailgate has everything needed to elevate your gameday experience in Louisville, we've got plenty of shade with a few canopies to cover most of the tailgate. Usually we have over 50 guests and the event is open to all ages though, typically the guests are about 30-50 years old. Chicken wings and various smoked meats will be on-hand with beer and liquorto wash it all down! Come early to enjoy the party 6 hours before the game and if you don't have a ticket to head into the stadium or just don't want the fun to end don't worry. We've got 4 TVs to watch the game on and we'll be hanging out for 2 hours afterwards as well! DJ John Rock will be playing and our full bar will keep the party going for as long as we're there. Can't wait to meet you!

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