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Rules & Eligibility


  • Must be at least 21 years old and will not serve alcoholic beverages to minors.

  • Must provide adequate cooked food and beverages to guests.

  • Introduce guest to your tailgate party

  • Must have a canopy, pop up shade tent or offer adequate shade area should weather indicate

  • Provide seating for guest

Recommended but not mandatory

  • Tailgate games

  • Satellite TV to watch other games

  • Music


  • Guest and hosts shall be courteous to one another

  • Respectful behavior by both parties is mandatory

  • If a host feels their guest is not tolerating their adult beverages, the host reserves the right to stop serving the guest alcohol.

  • Hosts and guests should do their best to interact with each other

  • Exchanging gifts is acceptable, but should not be expected

  • Under no circumstances, are you to remove any property belonging to host or host's guests without consent


Recommended but not mandatory

  • Offer to assist with set-up, clean-up, or both

  • Do not over indulge

  • Offer to bring something

Tailgating is a much anticipated gathering of people most often familiar to one another. Please remember this fact and make every effort to maintain their level of synergy.


Disputes will be handled by Tailgate Connect® Customer Care


Tailgate Connect® will not be held liable and is indemnified for any accidents, illnesses or injuries as result of the tailgate that a host and a guest participate in. The time period includes the time before, during and after the tailgate. By signing up as a host or a guest indicates your acknowledgement with this statement.

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