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At Tailgate Connect® we take great pride in partnering with established and well-known tailgate hosts from around the country.  You wouldn't be here in the first place if you were just willing to settle for a hot dog or two, some chips and a few beers before the game.  To offer our clients the best tailgating experience possible we are constantly researching and seeking out the tailgates of local legend and national recognition.  The following are some of our hosts and the headlines they have garnered.


Startup to Connect Tailgaters at College Football Games Across the Nation

Host Gylon Jackson and Founder Dan Donnelley Discuss Concept of Tailgate Connect

Co-Founder Joe Rogers Discusses Concept with Host Ryan Alessio

Dan Donnelly's Quest to Tailgate at Every FBS School is Nearing Fruition

One of Our Utah Host's Tailgate Serves the Gameday Crew Again

One of Our  University of Texas Tailgates Sets the Standard in Austin

One of Our PSU Host's Tailgate Serves Up Some of the Best BBQ on the East Coast

One of Our Hosts is Taking Louisville Tailgating to the Next Level

Arkansas Talk Business & Politics Weighs In On Our Razorback Hosts

One of Our Hosts is the Best at the University of Texas

Award-Winning Jambalaya At One of Our LSU Host's Tailgates

This Krewe Takes Tailgating Serious

Website Pays Visit to Alabama - LSU Weekend Tailgate

Award-Winning Scarlet Knights' Tailgate is One of Our Hosts

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