Faulkner True Maroon Tailgate

Established during the 2013 season, this group of Mississippi State fans absolutely love sharing their food and drink and Bulldog traditions and stories.

How many guests on average attend this tailgate: 40-50

Typical age group range:  All ages

Hours spent tailgating BEFORE the game:  6

Hours spent tailgating FOLLOWING the game:  2-4

Number of tents and/or canopies:  8

What music source is featured at the tailgate:  Stereo.

Amount of televisions for game viewing:  Two (2)

Unique alcohol contraption/s:  Nothing unique

Main course specialties:  Varies each game

Drinks offered at this tailgate:  Beer and liquor

What makes this tailgate stand out:  This is a wild, loud, crazy, good timing, bulldog loving, friendly, people

loving group who receives occasional visits from their live tailgate mascots... English Bulldogs: Dak and Fitzy Faulkner


More location information to follow