Established during the 2013 season, TRI-STAR Tailgating has been based on two things: a love for the Vols and having a great time.  It all started when the founder CJ Jackson was a kid and would go to games with his father and uncle.  He'd witness tons of Vol fans tailgating and having a great time and he told them that one day that is what were gonna do... and one day they did.  Just the three of them, a cooler and 100 Krystal hamburgers and thus was the beginning.  A lot has changed since then as CJ and the Tri-Star Tailgate group has grown to well over 100 Vols fans and become one of the best Tennessee has to offer.  With a great location, situated on the banks of the scenic Tennessee River (right next to the popular Calhoun's), along with much better food, a lot more alcohol and solid entertainment makes this a must stop when in Knoxville on gameday.  But what remains the same is his passion for the Vols and for having a great time.

How many guests on average attend this tailgate:  100 +

Typical age group range:  25-40

Hours spent tailgating BEFORE the game:  6

Hours spent tailgating FOLLOWING the game:  1

Number of tents and/or canopies:  6

What music source is featured at the tailgate:  Live band and stereo.

Amount of televisions for game viewing:  Two (2)

Unique alcohol contraption/s:  Beer funnel racing, the liquor paddle

Main course specialties:  Southern and American food - Pulled Pork 

Drinks offered at this tailgate:  Keg beer, can beer and liquor

What makes this tailgate stand out:  The people.  A rowdy bunch at times, but are a very welcoming and hospitable group.  From former Vol and NFL great Peyton Manning to ESPN college football analyst Chris Low, to everyone on the strip... they know when you stop at Tri-Star you're in for a great time.