This die-hard group has been tailgating together for about 10 years, but recently branded themselves in 2015. Originally an exclusive group, these fans had a change of heart and decided to open up their great tailgate to anyone and everyone.  Whether you are an opposing fan or not, this group uses the #publicparty mantra. "Tailgating should be about community, that is what we are about and we love meeting people not just from other states but many other countries".  This is hands down one of the best tailgates in the Mile High City.

How many guests on average attend this tailgate:  100 +

Typical age group range:  25-50

Hours spent tailgating BEFORE the game:  5

Hours spent tailgating FOLLOWING the game:  1

Number of tents and/or canopies:  3-4

What music source is featured at the tailgate:  Stereo and speakers

Amount of televisions for game viewing:  Three (3)

Unique alcohol contraption/s:  The Shotski, Bongzilla and FUBAR

Main course specialties:  Walking Tacos and BBQ 

Drinks offered at this tailgate:  Canned beer, liquor, water and soda

What makes this tailgate stand out:  This group is extremely welcoming first, and foremost.  They have a bus

and a trailer along with plenty of games to be played throughout the day.  Their location is a favorite spot for

the Bud Light girls to visit and hand out free things to their guests and being sponsored by Fireball there are

thousands of giveaway items distributed every year that they enjoy handing out.