The 409 Tailgate began hosting group tailgates in 2016 and has continued to grow.  This passionate group of Nittany Lion fans have also started a company that bottles their very on line of BBQ Sauces, Dry Rubs, and Bloody Mary Mix, which they feature at every tailgate and have gained in regional popularity.  This group has hosted many former players and is a very welcoming and enjoyable party.

How many guests on average attend this tailgate:  50 - 75

Typical age group range:  25-50

Hours spent tailgating BEFORE the game:  5

Hours spent tailgating FOLLOWING the game:  1

Number of tents and/or canopies:  1-2

What music source is featured at the tailgate:  Stereo and speakers

Amount of televisions for game viewing:  One (1)

Unique alcohol contraption/s:  The 409 Bloody Mary Bar

Main course specialties:  Wood smoked BBQ, grilled chicken, smoked

kielbosi and PSU themed specialty desserts

Drinks offered at this tailgate:  Cans of domestic beer, cans of craft beer, Bloody Mary bar, vodka, fireball, mixers

What makes this tailgate stand out:  Their food/drink menu as it contains some of the best BBQ on the Easy Coast and the Bloody Mary mixes are very authentic and tasty.  The proximity to Beaver Stadium is also great, so just UBER on up and enjoy yourself in Happy Valley.  


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