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Marketing Intern at Tailgate Connect®


The position will provide a great opportunity for an aspiring business professional to be part of an amazing opportunity with the company that is revolutionizing the way we tailgate at college football games.  While this position does not offer base pay, it will provide the candidates with a tremendous opportunity to work with social media marketing, digital advertising, sponsorships, partnerships, promotions and research.  All of these are pertinent skills in today’s job market.  There will be an opportunity to earn commissions based on paying guests that the intern is responsible for securing.

The Job

The Marketing Intern will be responsible with helping to facilitate the growth of the company in numerous areas.  Areas of growth will consist of increasing the number of hosts, guests, advertisers, partners and sponsors.  Tactically, the Intern will use all forms of social media including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  The Intern will also participate in team message boards, alumni and parent group websites and any other means to reach targeted groups.  Follow up phone calls will be necessary as well. The Intern will work closely with the President and VP of Operations on all projects assigned.  

Required Skills:

  • High energy college student or recent graduate

  • Vast understanding of social media marketing

  • Hard working

  • Excellent written grammar

  • Well spoken

  • Personable and outgoing

  • Flexible

  • Has experienced at least one great tailgate in their life

  • Helps to be a sports fan as well

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