Lot L11 Jets Tailgate

This nationally recognized tailgate has been showing up every Sunday through the Jets' good times and the bad.  Known for their great food and the collection of high flying flags, this passionate group is out there every weekend since 1991.  As a nominated tailgate, the Lot 11 folks participated in the 2010 BING National Tailgating Championship competition.

How many guests on average attend this tailgate:  50 +

Typical age group range:  30 - 60

Hours spent tailgating BEFORE the game:  5

Hours spent tailgating FOLLOWING the game:  2

Number of tents and/or canopies:  Depends on weather

What music source is featured at the tailgate:  Apple iPhone and speakers

Amount of televisions for game viewing:  One (1)

Unique alcohol contraption/s:  Large self-serve bar

Main course specialties:  Varies by game

Drinks offered at this tailgate: Beer and a large selection of liquor

What makes this tailgate stand out:  The collection of flags, great food, large bar and kick ass RV


More location information to follow