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Penn State University Tailgate

The 409 Tailgate Club began hosting group tailgates in 2016 and has continued to grow. This passionate group of Nittany Lion fans have also started a company that bottles their very on line of BBQ Sauces, Dry Rubs, and Bloody Mary Mix, which they feature at every tailgate and have gained in regional popularity. This group has hosted many former players and is a very welcoming and enjoyable party.

This Big 10 tailgate has everything needed to elevate your gameday experience, we've got plenty of shade with a couple canopies to cover most of the tailgate with trees and amazing weather handling the rest. Usually we have about 50-75 guests and the event is open to all ages though, typically the guests are 25-50 years old. Wood smoked BBQ, grilled chicken, smoked kielbosi and PSU themed specialty desserts will be on-hand with cans of domestic beer, cans of craft beer, a bloody mary bar, vodka, fireball, and mixers to wash it all down! Come early to enjoy the party 5 hours before the game and if you don't have a ticket to head into the stadium or just don't want the fun to end don't worry. We've got a TV to watch the game on and we'll be hanging out for an hour afterwards as well! Our stereo will be playing and our 409 Bloody Mary Bar will keep the party going for as long as we're there. Can't wait to meet you!

Upcoming Games

UMass @ Penn State Lions

Rutgers @ Penn State Lions

Indiana @ Penn State Lions

Michigan @ Penn State Lions

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