Sooner Football Fans Podcast Tailgate

Started our tailgate so fans of our Podcast could have a place to meet up. We are proud that we have become the "host" tailgate for the Sooner Twitter family. We are where Sooners fans on Twitter from CA, AZ, MO, AR, TX, TN, FL, NC, NJ and OK come so they can meet each other in person and enjoy the great Sooner hospitality.


How Many Guests?
Age Range
Hours Before Game
Hours After Game
Number of Tents
Number of TVs
All ages

What music source is featured at the tailgate?


Unique alcohol contraption?

Nothing unique

What are your main course food options?

Burgers, brats, chicken and chili for cold games. Breakfast casserole for 11 am kickoffs.

What drinks are offered at this tailgate?

Beer - Budweiser and Bud Light - And our Traditional Fireball shot before entering the stadium.

What makes this tailgate stand out?

They are right smack dab in the middle of Tailgate corner right across the street from the stadium, surrounded by family friendly Sooner tailgates with a lot of Sooner Spirit and hospitality. The direct neighbor tailgate is the infamous Ruf/Nek alumni. Located only 1/2 a block from game day central where there's live bands and vendors and you can see the Sooner Schooner. The Pride of Oklahoma marches right past this group as they head into the Stadium belting out Boomer Sooner the whole way.


More location information to follow

More location information to follow