Stay Puft Tailgating

A passionate group of Notre Dame fans that began their tailgate over 50 years ago that are always willing to share some epic tailgate stories. From dumping sand in the parking lot for a beach party back in the 80s this tailgate has come a long way. While a sibling was enrolled at ND and people constantly had trouble finding the tailgate despite having pole numbers in the parking lot they decided to do something about it to make life easier for those in search. One game around Halloween they found a giant inflatable Frankenstein and people have never had trouble since. They became known as the Frankenstein tailgate after that, and now that Frankenstein was decommissioned since he barely inflated anymore, they have replaced him in the lineup with a giant Mr. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


How Many Guests?
Age Range
Hours Before Game
Hours After Game
Number of Tents
Number of TVs
1-3 if weather calls for them

What music source is featured at the tailgate?

Stereo and Speakers

Unique alcohol contraption?

Beer Bandolier - And shotguns

What are your main course food options?

Varies by game, but we always have hot dogs and brats

What drinks are offered at this tailgate?

Beer Cans (Bud Light and Craft), water and pop

What makes this tailgate stand out?

The 15' tall inflatable on top of the truck. Everyone is always welcome and friendly. If you are looking for a good party, there isn't a better one in the lot.


In the stadium lot. Usually near pole 2-3.

In the stadium lot. Usually near pole 2-3.