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LSU Tailgate

Bayou Bandits Tailgating was established in 2012 by 5 LSU alumni that shared similar passions: All things LSU -Our Louisiana Culture -The Great Outdoors Each Bayou Bandits tailgate is a celebration of these passions. And we do it in STYLE. Located in the heart of campus at the historic Indian mounds under the stately oaks on the main road that the LSU players and band travel to get to the stadium. We've got our own custom wrapped trailer with two flush mounted TVs, purple and gold 20x20 peak tent, professional sound system, beer tent with multiple craft beers on tap, two custom beer pong tables, two sets of washer boards, fans, high top tables with linens and a large projection screen. We plan and prep our food all week prior to Saturday. There is nothing like a Bayou Bandits Tailgate. Come on out and see for yourself!!! Tailgating For the Coast: Come out to the tailgate and support the restoration of the beautiful Louisiana wetlands that we call home. Proceeds from each tailgate are donated to the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana.

This SEC tailgate has everything needed to elevate your gameday experience in Baton Rouge, we've got plenty of shade with ample canopies to cover most of the tailgate. Usually we have over 150 guests and the event is open to all ages though, typically the guests are about 21-50 years old. Jambalaya, pastalaya, gumbo, shrimp étouffée, sauce picante, boudin, boudin balls, crawfish bread, pulled pork tacos, fajitas, and more will be on-hand with multiple varieties of Abita Beer on tap and bottled water to wash it all down! Come early to enjoy the party 6 hours before the game and if you don't have a ticket to head into the stadium or just don't want the fun to end don't worry. We've got 2 TVs to watch the game on and we'll be hanging out for an hour afterwards as well! Our professional-grade speaker system will be playing and our 3 tap custom jockey box CO2 system will keep the party going for as long as we're there. Can't wait to meet you!

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